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Technical secrets portraiture

Mini guide to digital photography. Maxi result!
   If you are satisfied with your level of consumer photos taken at the hearing, distortion optics person - this information is not for you. You do not see the difference between
In this photo:

and this?:

I can not help.

   Have you noticed differences? Very good!
   Many novice photographers say they shoot "for myself" But it is not. You know it. Photo album for your home or for social networking is still someone to show them. And nice to show the best pictures. A good shot can be done only if you know how to do it. That's what I want to teach you. Five pages of text can be read fast enough. And the skills will last a lifetime. As beautifully made pictures.

   After purchasing a digital camera you would like to get beautiful photos at once. But ... What you do not like to? What should I do to get quality photos are not inferior Photography DSLR?
There is a solution - 2 lessons on shooting techniques and your photo work is not ashamed to show not only the relatives and friends.
Mini guide to digital photography. Maxi result!
Do not believe me?
Email me
Allowance is paid. Worth as much 95 Russian rubles ...
The buyer will receive not only e-book, but a week-long consultation on SKYPE.
If you are unable to pay the "Technical secrets portraiture" - write. Get back on SKYPE. Send free of charge. Pay later on ...
   Have a look at my fotoklip shot digital camera nonspecular.
   Do you get the best portraits. After training.

Order a "technical secrets of portrait photography, you can click on
photograph below.
We accept as RBKmoney, and other electronic money.

To verify the payment and delivery, you can purchase one of my
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